Karina Dobra x Tight Bond

photographer & stylist KARINA DOBRA



hair stylist ANDRII TKACH

Tell us about yourself!
I have been fascinated by photography since I was a little girl. As long as I remember myself I have been a visual person. I wanted to record on my own way everything around me.

Tell us about your work? 
My goal is to raise awareness among people of all ages and statuses about environmental and social problems the world faces nowadays. I want to attract masses and teach them about air pollution, waste, overconsumption of meat and subsequent consequences through fashion photography, as I believe well produced images catch attention of masses. I would like to push people to switch to sustainability and to reconnect with the nature. I have traveled to over eighty countries, acquiring knowledge and learning about social problems around the world. I want to bring people closer together and show that we are all the same, despite being born in different environments. We have the same goal to be happy.

As I am both interested in fashion, documentary photography and sociology I intend to combine these fields together to create my own signature. I strive to protect the environment by consuming less, using less water, purchasing one piece of clothes or shoes I really like, instead of five that I will wear only few times. I eat small amounts of food combining with vitamins that are necessary to keep energy in the body. I stand against of stuffing yourself or throwing food away. I want to show that being healthy, spiritual can work well together with being fashionable when used wisely and properly. I want touch upon problems of dependency on pharmaceuticals, technological devices, food, clothes and any extreme addictions people may have. Some of my works are about the nature, longines and anticipation. As mentioned before I want to invoke emotions and help people to reconnect with the nature. I have shot images of pristine mountains, lakes, and beaches to contrast with beaches, lakes and mountains that have been polluted by people. So people start realizing that each of us impacts the planet. It takes one person to make a difference. 

Did you study photography or related course? 
I hold a bachelor degree in Fine Art and Photography. 

What do you love about photography?
Photography presents an exciting world of creation. It can never become boring as there are so many ways, genres of making images: abstract photography, travel and lifestyle photography, portraiture, documentary, fashion, fine art, conceptual photography. I have tried myself making photographs without a camera by exposing a photo paper to light and playing with chemicals, light painting using long exposure, drawing in photoshop, combining painting and photography. 

Which photographers inspire you?
I am both interested in romanticism as a movement in art and particularly by Goya, Fuesli, Aivazovsky and fashion photographers such as Helmut Newton, Miles Aldridge, David Lachapelle.

Tell us about the featured editorial - Tight Bond? 
I shot the twins to show the closure and joy they share with each other. Their lives are connected by invisible bonds and no matter what they will always be there for each other. I chose vivid colors and playful background to emphasize that the two are artists themselves. 

Where can our readers see more of your work? 

Zoe Michelle