Saintelange Stencer x LFQ


Photographer | Saintelange Stencer

Art Director | Gladys Bazaine

Model | Annick Gabrielle

Hair stylist | Samuel Dupuis

Styling | Gladys Bazaine

Makeup Artist | Lea Steadman

Agency | Dulcedo Management

Location | Le French Quarter

Saintelange Stencer, Reporter-Photographer and Fashion Photographer, was born in 1989 in Haiti.
He lives and works in Montreal. He acquired his first camera, a Chinon CX, in March 2012. Autodidact he trained by participating in internship and workshops, thanks to his determination, he will become a photographer reporter for Challenge Magazine in 2017.

He won his first fashion tests for Next, Montage, Dulcedo and Maven agencies. In 2016, he begins his series "ELLE" which is always open. He is currently working on his new series of "19 ° 48 'North, 73 ° 23' West" and "Time is changing ».

Passionate about street photography photography, I bought a film camera in 2012 to start and familiarize with. I photographed people in the streets of Paris and then my work was directed to a more personal and intimate project, a work around the body, then it began by photographing my girlfriend. At the beginning of 2014, I decided to improve myself more in this art, through online training and also to invest more time. I was working for one purpose only to be able to afford a digital camera that would allow me to push my work to a semi professional level.

In early January 2016, I went to Costa Rica and Buenos Aires where I was able to do several photo series "Elle" photographing my girlfriend in his everyday intimacy and street photography mixing digital and film.

2017 I'm leaving in my home country Haiti, where I'm hired as director of photography for "Challenge news magazine"

Currently I live in Montreal, where I decided to go back to work on body and beauty by collaborating with modeling agencies and perfecting myself in fashion photography.

Behind each photo, my goal is to release an emotion from a micro second (so cliché you tell me but not obvious). I like working with film and digital, these are two very different ways to approach photography. The film is more complex because the captured moment is impossible to overhaul on the moment, the picture is good or bad, while working with a digital camera gives you a perfectionist side, you can erase again and so on until to the satisfaction of the result, but the authenticity is no longer there.

That is why I am trying hard to work both. To continue in this way, I do not use photoshop, I do not want to change the face or the body of the manikin. Attention I still use a software editing that will allow me to clean some imperfections and find a good treatment to enhance the photo.

Did you study photographie or related course?

I did an online training for a year, and then chained with workshops on specific topics to improve myself. Photography evolves so quickly that you always have to learn. I keep saying it but nowadays Youtube is an excellent platform to start learning the basics of photography.

What do you love about photography?

The opportunity to live for a moment that will belong to you and you alone. The photograph for me represents an intimate moment, when I am facing a photo I have my personal feeling that confronts the moment captured by the photographer. A photo can not have the same impact on every person.

Which photographers inspire your practise?

In fashion I have two, Martial Lenoir and Helmut Newton, two very different photographers but who values the body and the spirit of the woman. In street photography, there is Samuel Cueto young photographer extremely inspiring who makes beautiful reports in film.

I like black and white, I can not help but make it.

Tell us about the featured editiorial LFQ

The French Quarter is a jazz bar located in Old Montreal. Corinne Asseraf the owner, kindly opened its doors for us to make several series of photos.

We have three sets in total and it seemed logical to call them that.

This bar has a real jazzy and intimate atmosphere, very sophisticated and I wanted to clear this atmosphere on the LFQ series.

Where can our readers see more of your Work?

You can follow me on Instagram @saintelange or I try to publish as much as possible my work or my website, people can have a more global idea of my work. Especially that there will be very beautiful projects that will happen so stay turned.

Zoe Michelle