Lacey M. Carroll x Transfer


Photographer | Lacey M. Carroll

Model | Pearl Basketts-Stone

Agency | Look Modeling Agency

Makeup Artist | Sara Garcia

Agency | Look Model Agency

Stylist | LMC Style Closet

Hair Stylist | Heather Grabin

Tell us about yourself.

Lacey M. Carroll is an award-winning, internationally published photographer based in Northern California. She has worked on beauty, jewelry and clothing campaigns as well as editorials for various online and print publications. She resides with her husband, two foster nieces, and countless rescue animals. For work she travels often to Europe and New York City. 

Tell us about your work.

I love bright pops of color, otherworldly scenes and urban settings. I strive to keep innovating within my own art, and I love working with other industry professionals to find a polished look to shoot. I think working with a solid team is so important and it lets me create and push myself even further. I want my work to emote a fun, carefree feeling. I enjoy building sets to accomplish what I’ve thought up in my mind, and sometimes that means prepping and planning out photo-shoots for months in advance. 

Did you study photography or a related course? 

In college I studied Science and Journalism. While writing for the college paper I picked up a camera from the department to get better coverage of my stories. From there I was smitten with being behind the lens. My original plan was to shoot more photojournalism subjects, but eventually I realized how much I loved portraiture and commercial/editorial work and started to steer my work towards that. 

What do you love about photography?

I love the mix of technical knowledge and creative artistry involved. I am someone who loves to be challenged and I need to use both sides of my brain or I lose interest quickly. Being a photographer is the first time I felt true, enduring passion for a job and I love pushing myself to constantly learn more. I also love the styling element of my work, which pushes me in creative ways. I love trying to find inspiration from mediums outside of photography. Whether it’s something as simple as a font, or a city street, to a piece of clothing I come across or color I want to photograph. I start building from something small and go from there. 

Which photographers inspire your practice?

I really love the imagery thats vastly different from my own. Work from Nygårds Karin Bengtsson is really amazing, her work is so strong and has such an amazing perspective you can’t help but have a reaction to it. Another amazing photographer is Diane Villadsen, she is a visionary and I love her unique eye. And of course Ellen von Unwerth who is an absolute LEGEND, and someone most female photographers should aspire to be. 

Tell us about the featured editorial - Transfer is a collaborative effort between myself, Sara Garcia Makeup Artistry, and Heather Grabin; Hairstylist. With Pearl Baskett-Stone from Look Modeling Agency. I loved the idea of a young women in the city throughout her day and into the night. A city like San Francisco is full of opportunity and surprises, you never know where you’ll end up. This is very reminiscent of my own time growing up in San Francisco, and into my twenties, it was always an adventure. 

Where can our readers see more of your work? and on instagram as @LaceyMC

Zoe Michelle