Eleonora Fazio

Lolita is back

photographer ELEONORA FAZIO
make-up artist JÚLIA BOSCH

I was born in Rome in 1990 and have always shown an extraordinary interest in art. My first passion was music: I taught myself the art of singing as a child, and then went on to create my own band as a teenager. In light of significant family issues, I moved to Monte Argentario, Tuscany, where my interest in photography began. An innocent game at first, taking pictures of everyday life, my passion grew and i soon realized that my camera not only allowed me to show my vision of the world, but it also allowed me to imagine the world me wished to see. After several collaborations with various events agencies, I decided to move to Florence and study fashion photography with one of the best photographers in Italy, Gildardo Gallo. Through the private classes in Gallo’s studio I became his studio assistant. In the meantime, I continued working for the most famous clubs and events in Florence, joining the Cowo98 as a fashion photographer. My time in Florence was influential for my growth as an artist and as a woman; it was then that I realized that the only way for me to truly express myself was by traveling and feeding my hunger for knowledge and new experiences. My new motto became: know art, know people, know yourself. That is why I decided to change scenery once more and move to Barcelona, Catalunya; rather than running from something, I was running towards a new destination, to discover the unique and unimaginable colors, people and landscapes that this new home had to offer.

Tell us about yourself?
I grow up in a really difficult family where i’ve learned to take care about myself and to be a woman soon. When i was a teenager my mum started to have problems and she didn’t let me go out with friends and sometimes to school either, so i’ve saved myself taking refuge in music and art, creating the life that i was dreaming about, till i went away from home at the age of 18 to make my dreams come true. I don’t regret that part of my life ‘cause it makes me part of who i am. A person who always find a way to get out from a problem, smiling and being focused on what she really wants from life. I think i have a strong personality even if i really care about other people’s feelings, cause i know what being hurt means.

Tell us about your work?
As i told you, art for me is life because it saved my life literally! I started to study photography to become a music bands official photographer; but studying with my amazing professor Gildardo Gallo i could see how much beauty, how much love and how much art you can express with fashion. I just fell in love with that! I think that with fashion you can reach more people to change the things, more than other artistic forms. I believe in beauty, i believe it can really change the world if you know how so use it!

Did you study photography?
I did! I studied in Florence for one year with the fashion photographer Gildardo Gallo who, in less then one year, taught me things about photography that people generally learns in minimum 3 years of school. The most important thing i’ve learned from him is to express your art being focused all the time on who you are and try to find pieces of yourself in other great artists to learn from them. Photography for me is beauty and beauty is love.

Which photographers?
To answer to the question i could make a list but i don’t have enough space to do it, so i will not say which photographers but just one quote from who that is God for me: “If you want reality just take the bus”. Who loves photography and art in general knows who i’m talking about!

Tell us about your editorial?
This short project is based on the historical novel “Lolita” by Vladimir Vladimirovič Nabokov; when the book came out (1955) the society was horrified by the image of a little sexy girl; but current society lives on that image. Both of them, in the end, never thought about the psychological situation of those kind of girls; so i tried to show, with just a few pictures, what’s behind the scene of a no age’s Lolita. She seems happy to wear glam dresses and act like a woman but when she’s alone at the end of the party, she knows she miss something in the deep of her soul: her innocence.

Where can we find your work?
My official website is eleonorafazio.com
You can find more works on
fb: Eleonora Fazio Photography
instagram: Laele5.0

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