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they did it again. 

bts comeback has been heard all over the word. they are taking not only the music industry but also are causing the biggest fashion brands to get curious about this kpop boyband´s sense of style.

if you still haven´t heard about this boys let me introduce them. you can thank me later. so, who is bts? 

bts stands for bangtan sonyeondan in korean which means bulletproof boy scouts. for the new album release they globalized their name so that overseas they can be called as beyond the scene, one sign that their target has increased from just asian countries.

they are a total of 7 boys in the group. they debuted in 2013 and they have been going up in the charts since then. as bts told us once in one of their songs 'started from the bottom now i'm outta here''.


before starting to talk about the comeback album, i need to warm you. if this is your very first time dealing with them, get ready to be confused. true armys (that’s how their fans are called) fall into desperation trying to figure out what big hit entertainment is telling them. thousand of theories come out with every teaser and trailer that they post, trying to get the stories behind all the symbolized clues that the brand puts on purpose.

let´s get into it then. looking the fashion style of the comeback, the concept starts to get confusing (already, i know). big hit entertainment revealed a huge stack of photos of the members as a sneak peak of the concept. but, as always they made it a little bit more difficult for the fans and made a variety of totally different photo-shoots.

the very first photo-shoot was called l version, the second one o, third one v and the very last one e. making the word love. the most impressive thing about these photos is the great amount of details that contains; it is crazy to think that a boy band could look like supermodels without even trying. they work carefully with one concept and represent it with incredible fashion looks and crazy hair colours.

in europe we are used to see boy bands like one direction or 5 seconds of summer, no offend intended (i was a directioner myself) but the creative directors work seems from another level when i see bts’ photo-shoots.



of course, all of this hard work it’s not only reflected in the photographs but also in the album they just released. the album love yourself “her” contains 9 songs of totally different styles. starting with an intro with jimin’s (main vocalist) angelical voice and ending up with the powerful words of suga, jhope and rapmonster (rap line).

the 3 rappers out of 7 members try to produce the songs beats and write the lyrics so that they create everything by themselves. due to having 7 talented people in one group the styles of the songs vary constantly, as well as the themes. they all talk about loving ourselves but they show the different perspectives on how they see that according to their personalities. apart from that, they even wrote a diss track about army… only bts can do this.


the very last thing that i´ll comment (i promise) is going to be the choreography. bts’ dance steps are considered to be one of the most difficult ones. jhope, rapper and a dancing machine, once told in a interview that sometimes they practice 12 hours a day, that’s dedication. if you want to be a witness of this just go and watch their dna music video or the go go performance in the comeback show.

i am pretty sure that after going through some of their music videos you will understand why they are getting so much attention. i mean, i just wanted to know their names and i feel into the fandom without realizing.

image version l

image version o

image version v

image version e


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