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We meet gorgeous curve model Mollie Campsie

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Mollie Campsie is a curve model, body positive activist and creator of the hashtag #LoveTHIGHself. From the straight-sized icons who inspired her, to the model’s dating life in London. When she’s not shooting with the likes of Simply Be, ASOS and Evans, you can find Mollie sharing kick ass body confident pictures on social media of her cellulite, rolls and dispelling the myth that beauty is restricted to one body type. Take our word for it, this is one model you’ll want to start following.

photographer JAMIE DREW | interview MARIAM GOMEZ

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Has your perception of the modelling industry changed over time?
Absolutely – I now know how hard it really is for girls who are rejected time and time again and have so much respect for the models who just take it on the chin and carry on. I used to think models had it easy. As for the industry itself, it’s definitely a lot less glamourous than it looks. This week alone, I’ve had to change in a car park and playground in front of strangers. And don’t get me started on living in heels. But I still love it, you just never know what’s going to happen on set.

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Which supermodels did you look up to when you first started your modelling career?
I looked up to all the Victoria Secrets Angels which might come as a bit if a surprise - Gisele, Tyra, Miranda, Behati, Adriana. Growing up there weren’t really any curvy icons, so the models that I did look up to very never really that relatable. Still beautiful, still taught me how to catwalk, still made me aspire to be a model. I actually ran into Candice Swanepoel whilst we were both browsing the sale rack at American Apparel in New York and totally freaked out. There shouldn’t be a divide between straight and plus though, I can be just as inspired by a size 0 model as a size 18 model. They still have achieved so much and are beautiful in different ways to me. Though I imagine as the curve modelling industry grows, so will the icons within that industry and there will be more curvy supermodels (yes, watch this space!)

Describe your perfect day off when you are not modelling? 
I mean there’s only one place you can find me - and that’s with my Barbies (my high school girlfriends, we’re all blonde, hence the name) sipping pale Rose around the rooftop pool in Shoreditch House looking over the city. We do like a night out so often descend to the dance floor or bar. I might as well start paying rent there it’s ridiculous.

Which three Instagram accounts should we be following?
@any.body_co - a straight and plus model who are best friends and breaking the mould
@fuckjerry @thefatjewish because I’m a sucker for a meme
@molliecurvemodel (subtle plug)


Name three things on your bucket list? 
Swim with Great Whites (with cage please), land the cover of Sports Illustrated, move to New York.

A series to watch before bed? 
If you don’t watch Love Island at 9pm every single night over Summer then you really need to sort this out. I’m balancing my trash TV with F Scott Fitzgerald novels and The Handmaid’s Tale series on Channel 4.

Do you have a secret talent?
I’m so glad you asked! I can actually read people’s dreams (apart from my own). I can meet a stranger and divulge some pretty personal information about their darkest fears from just listening to their latest dream. I have freaked a few people out in the past so be warned. I think it is so important to listen to our subconscious mind though, because our conscious mind often blocks what we don’t want to hear or know - wow, that got dark pretty quickly.

If you weren’t a model, what would you be?
I’d really like to give stand-up comedy a go. Who knows, I might even start writing some material based on my humorous dating life this year……

Give us a sneak-peak! Tell us your worst or funniest dating story?
Oh my goodness. Well I have just so many but, for brand protection, I really am unable to divulge the majority of them. One disaster of a date only lasted 15 minutes. I was brutally honest with him and said that I didn’t want to waste his time and felt there wasn’t a spark. That makes me sound like a bit of a ball-breaker but I hate being messed around or have my time wasted, so I just like to treat people the way I wish to be treated (seems as though the brutally honest rejection from modelling is spilling into my personal life!)

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