Laura McCarthy

Sunset Serenade

Have you noticed the trend sweeping social media? I have found it hard to escape the #sunseteyes hashtag with all the make-up brands and bloggers I follow on Instagram. Google sunset eyes and you will find thousands of images of this colourful trend. It’s hard to say if it was the chicken or the egg; did brands bring out themed palettes which therefore caused people to experiment with these colours or was inspiration taken from the catwalk and celebrities which ignited the trend and caused an influx of sunset hued eyeshadow palettes to flood the market? Either way it’s a massive craze right now and the make-up palettes are awash with autumnal shades; rusty oranges, spicy reds, warm browns, dusty pinks, peaches, yellows, glimmering coppers and golds. So, as the season changes and we head into autumn what better time to talk about this subject with you all! 

The colours of sunset aka dusk are if you think about it the same as dawn, the sun is rising and setting and the colours are identical. It’s a beautiful sight to behold; warm terracotta sunlight infused natural beauty! The idea of #dawneyes or #duskeyes just doesn’t have the same ring to it. 

Metallic shades are also popular in these themed palettes, lighting up the eyes like the sun with coppers, pinks, golds and bronzy browns. The concept of sunset eyes is to blend the colours to create a seamless ombre effect and contour with a darker shade in the crease to add definition. There is no right or wrong as to how many colours you use, however I like to keep it simple and stick with three with a fourth metallic shade to pat on the centre of the lid for some added glamour. 

So let’s discuss the palettes:

I am starting with perhaps the most influential palette out there which without a doubt stoked the flames of this trend causing many more to follow suit. It’s the iconic “Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette” by Anastasia Beverly Hills. A matte palette with fourteen shades that blend seamlessly together that has become a must-have in the kits of professional make-up artists and a firm favourite with beauty bloggers and vloggers alike. 

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills, Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette, £41, Cult Beauty
If you have fair or medium skin, go with soft peach or coral shades on the eyes, while bold bright oranges and tangerines are best suited to darker skin tones although it can be used to contour the crease. The tools you use are also vital here too so make sure you invest in some quality eyeshadow brushes. For a bolder look pat a highly pigmented shadow onto the lid with a flat-headed brush and blend out at the edges. Work a small amount of a darker contour shade into the crease of the eye with a small blending brush moving it backwards and forwards along the crease then softly buff the shadow out at the corners once again. Remember to keep the skin fresh and the the lips neutral and add a coat of mascara for wide-awake eyes to stay bang on trend. The Anastasia Beverly Hills palette isn’t cheap at £41.00 but if you want more for your money and a similar set of shades then I have just the brand for you- check out Morphe.

2. Morphe, 350M 35 Colour Matte Nature Glow Eyeshadow Palette, £22, Beauty Bay

35OS 35 Colour Shimmer Nature Glow Eyeshadow Palette £22.50 Beauty Bay

Their bestselling palette at the moment the 350M 35 is only £22.00 and has a whopping thirty five colours to choose from – that’s a lot more eyeshadow for your money! I have just purchased this for my kit. It’s important I follow trends in the business and this matte palette is the perfect edition, it offers me a lot more choice and being a palette it’s easier to carry and use rather than finding and arranging individual shadows. Along with this purchase I decided to compliment this with the 35OS 35 Palette, £22.50. It’s a gorgeous palette of shimmery autumnal shades – they look amazing pressed onto the centre of the eyelid to make your eyes the main event! I love how the colours all complement each other so beautifully in these palettes.

3. Huda Beauty Textured Shadow Palette, Rose Gold Edition £56, Cult Beauty

Whilst we are talking about cult classics, at the higher end of the scale again is the Huda Beauty Textured Eyeshadow Palette; Rose Gold Edition. Arabic Goddess Huda Kattan, a social media phenomenon and founder of Huda Beauty has capitalised on her roots and the current trend creating an Arabic inspired colour palette that you associate with the vibrancy and opulence of Arabic fashion, culture and design.  Whilst writing this article and browsing on Instagram she posted that a new palette will be launched on the 18th of September 2017; Huda’s Desert Sunset Palette which no doubt will be an instant hit! Point made, there’s a theme here; sunset and burnished desert hues are so in right now!

4. Decay, Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette, £39.50, Urban Decay

Next up; Urban Decay aren’t one to shy away from current trends and have just released their “Naked Heat” palette which has just flown onto shelves and straight off them again! This divine new palette houses twelve all-new burnished flame coloured neutrals, amongst which include earthy browns, terracotta’s, fiery coppers and pure white heat! Think about what you could create in terms of the sunset eye with this purchase!

5. Nars, Narcissist Eyeshadow Palette, £55, Feel Unique

Lastly I’d like to discuss Nars and the “Narsissist Eyeshadow Palette,” £55. The colours blend like a dream which is down to their high quality creamy texture, despite the price tag it’s justified - this product is truly high end! You have your pick of velvety-smooth mattes and shimmery satins. Be it a sexy and sophisticated daytime look or a bolder sunset fused smokey eye for a night out, it won’t disappoint! The colours are muted and warm with gold, silver and bronze metals and two fabulous contouring darks to choose from. One for a payday treat!

Until next time makeup fanatics… xoxoxo

Zoe Michelle